Higher Life Conference UK 2017

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is planning to organize an event at the O2 Arena in London, on September 8th to 10th. The purpose of this event is to make people aware, to spread God’s love and focusing on higher life. “Pastor Chris” is considered as a faith healer, who help people to regain their religious self and get more aware of God and how to follow his way to get satisfied and have a happy life, his organization is one the active and famous organization and has helped millions from all over the world.



August 4, 2017


This event is for three days 8th to 10th in London, England and its reasonably priced, so that people of all class can attend it, and can get benefit from this seminar, this conference is named as “Higher Life Conference UK.” This event will be held at O2 Arena in London, which is largest, well known, reputed stadium of London and this stadium has the capacity to hold 20,000 worshippers/believers, making it the second largest indoor stadium of United Kingdom.



This conference is all about love, positive message, and a better understanding that God’s children have another life after this physical world, just like the services given by the church. There will be prayers and worshipers who will worship and praise God and will be thankful for him for his blessings. The seminar will also have some musical performances featuring a lot of well-known international singers, artists, healing magicians, interactive sessions and video tapes influencing the believers, and making their faith stronger.


The registration and is starting from 7th of August, Monday. The conference will have afternoon sessions. Each sessions cost, £1.50 which makes £4.50 of all three sessions making it really reasonable to all the people who want to attend all three of them. On Friday, 8th the session will start at 6 pm, Saturday the seminar will be at 4 pm and on Sunday, 1 pm will be starting time.



The founder Pastor Chris will be leading the conference accompanied by another extremely well-esteemed believers’. The session will consist of miracles, healing, preaching, positive messages, lessons on how to meditate and worship, how to love and spread love, Jesus lessons, and how important he is to us as well as the hidden messages from the Bible texts and their exact meaning. Each session will end on a musical festival, taking Gods name and inviting him in the positive atmosphere.



Pastor Chris is a Nigerian minister and father of an organization named Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated – also known as “Christ Embassy.” He is well known and powerful African and has been arranging seminars like these all over the world to increase the awareness and right teachings of Bible. He is famous for all his public services he has been doing, like preaching in the name of Jesus and Bible, inner-city Mission programs, and many healing miracles. He has also cured a lot of people with my health issues which are blindness, crippling physical afflictions, infertility, blood diseases, and mental illness. Their ministry consists of millions of believers; Pastor Chris has also written Rhapsody of Realities, translated into 900 languages so that people worldwide know how important it is to be connected with holy spirit.



Everyone believes Pastor Chris has the power to heal as his healing hand has done and healed a lot of people and have converted them from non-believers to believers. His way of healing and preaching is so grateful that people get extremely influenced by him. Edwin Tillyer a believer and healer who was healed from his chronic ankle injury by Pastor Chris in 1973, in a conference. And has totally convinced me that he is a healer, and he taught us that we are the God’s children and if we obey him and be kind with his humanity he won’t put us in any test. This conference is always a lifetime opportunity, and one should never miss, it’s all about positivity, miracles and Jesus lessons.


A perfect gift for your love – tanzanite jewelry

You will find as you appearance lower back upon your existence that the moments when you have clearly lived, are the moments when you have performed matters in a spirit of affection.


Henry Drummond


As soon as this Zoisite crystal was found in 1967, jewelers already were aware of this truth that, tanzanite might be a big rage in world gem industry. A stimulating lavender-hued stone discovered only in Tanzania, it has additionally become an image of love for couples in the mush.


This young and romantic gemstone is one of the uncommon ones that are acquainted amongst consumers. A much-celebrated rings gemstone for all age agencies, tanzanite diamond engagement rings are very famous everywhere in the world.


To make this red extravaganza available at wholesale prices, Angara has started its initiative. Completely involved with basically inspired thoughts for her, a really perfect array of varied impeccable tanzanite rings is offered.


Nice-supplier designs incorporate of oval tanzanite ring in the breakup shank white gold, solitaire spherical tanzanite in tapered shank white gold ring. Shanks are likewise accentuated with spherical diamonds channel set to enhance the beauty of tanzanite.


Humans loving every other unconditionally are difficult to be indifferent. Quite looking tanzanite and aquamarine butterfly ring replicate the identical fervor. This masterpiece bestseller is ready with Marquise, tanzanite, and aquamarine set inside white gold. Channel-set diamonds entire whole appearance by way of giving it a chaste and harmless look. Express your inner most feelings of love toward your girl by way of supplying this artful thought complemented with magnificent gem stones like this.

The lilac gemstone in other brilliance exuding settings like a princess, emerald and cushion cuts carry out hidden, balanced yet extreme feelings of Concord in accord with your accomplice. Have a good time every moment of passionate existence with violet excellence on her arms. What first-class may be by using deciding on a multi gem or clustered tanzanite ring in white gold?


Tanzanite is specific


Tanzanite is the maximum particular gemstone known to guy. That is because in a small corner of the earth, at the foothills of Africa’s tallest and most majestic mountain in Tanzania, like the simplest deposits of tanzanite within the global. Located there are the melanin mines, overlaying best approximately 16 rectangular kilometers, in which tanzanite is sourced. This wonderful, vibrant blue gemstone cannot be discovered everywhere else, making it one thousand instances rarer than diamonds. Your tanzanite engagement ring is honestly individual. In fact, professionals have predicted that the melanin deposits can be depleted via 2016, because of this tanzanite is strolling out so now is the time to put money into it. So in some years to come your tanzanite ring might be the handiest one in all its kind, containing one of the world’s maximum coveted gemstones.


Aside from above mentioned classic portions, fancier tanzanite heart formed rings in white gold make a fashion assertion with gypsy set gem stones. Experience the euphoric change in her temper and persona as her eyes twinkle inside the same way the tanzanite gem gleams.


However, your rings, too, needs to be specially care to turn out to be long lasting via years. Considering the fact that preheated to turn out to be that ideal red to blue hue, the alternate is everlasting. This manner is called enhancement or remedy. Nearly all reduce and faceted, tanzanite rocks undergo this treatment. Usually, the ones which might be faded blue or translucent brown colored.

How to Look Famous in Great Shoes

Want to look like a famous or wealthy person this season? Whether we want to accept it or not, people judge based on appearances. While you might not personally look like a famous person, did you know that there are actually people out there that do resemble certain celebrities? According to Hollywood.com, some people just naturally resemble an actual celebrity. Some of these celebrity clones have, not only taken the internet by storm, but have also gotten job opportunities because they look like certain famous people. In another article by the Daily Mail, these folks are referred to as celebrity doppelgangers and can look so much like their celebrity counterpart that they might be twins! These everyday people who are lucky enough to be match up with similar looking celebrities are discovering that looking like famous celebrities can actual have its rewards. From getting parts in films to photo opts, these folks may not be rich and famous but by looking like a certain celebrity, they can still make some coin in their role.


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how to make spherical face hairstyles

you have to know first of all some splendor hints to look prettier and keep away from a few errors that i made myself however that i used to be correcting over time as we frequently do no longer recognize what sort of hairstyles are spherical which can advantage you .


in no way put your hair in the back of your ears because your face will appearance optically wider and it’s far some thing you really need to avoid.

if you need your face to appearance thin, it’s miles handy to cowl the sides of the face.

the hairstyles for ladies who choose the ones who’ve the round face are the hairstyles with the stripe to the aspect and the bangs paraded.

you must avoid the bangs which can be instantly since what you are going to initiate is to border the face plenty which visually will harm your look.

you have to inspire you to apply your hair to a long bob are bob hairstyles which is short hair with a few longer strands of front.

in case you want to peer short hair ideas i advocate you to look this text that genuinely can be of fantastic help on your round face.however often you may spend which you do now not want to lose your hair and it’ll appearance notable additionally this type of coiffure wherein you depart your hair smooth immediately to the chest that you can iron with a hair iron.

the essential factor that you have to note is that your hair does not accumulate extent because that is what goes to appearance terrible to you.

if you want hair to take it in waves what you could do is from the cheeks down soft waves with the hair iron to give it a bit motion.

if you have extra curly hair you have to depart it longer to soften the curl and no longer over mark your face .

hairstyles accumulated or semi gathered with a little volume at the crown are hairstyles in an effort to make your face very flattering.

avoid the ponytail or pigtails very glued and straps to your coiffure, in addition to the bows.

every time you need to make a bow, a low ponytail or a choose up you ought to leave locks unfastened in the the front, cowl the ears and leave it a bit loose in this way your extraordinary hairstyles so you do not see the spherical face will appearance much higher.

this kind of face in which ladies have wide face or spherical face, flattering hairstyles are facet hairstyles, whether or not braids or accrued.

what form of cuts and hairstyles for round face use


with those hairstyles that i’m able to explain after which display you with pix you will be capable of conceal if you are greater fats or lose weight with out making use of make-up which of direction is a complement that each one women want but once in a while because of lack of time we cannot comb and make-up ourselves on the time of leaving our home.

initially some of the thinning hairstyles i’m able to cite that the side stripe or facet bangs or abnormal ones will make your face appearance thinner.

the exceptional choice is to apply the hair layered, paraded and with vertical reflections.

hairstyles for the ones who have round face grade by grade

that is a hairstyle that i always do and i can explain it little by little seeing that i labored very well to cover my face round.

initially you ought to brush your hair thoroughly and go to the hair dryer

if it’s far like my case which you have curly or wavy hair use the concentrator, adding for your dryer, so the air will pop out with extra pressure anywhere you factor, so it will be smoother

it’s far first-rate to have a hair straightener with a shaper in case you can not use the normal iron.

you should have a hook or a pickpocket or something you decide upon.

it starts offevolved with the undercoat of the hair and so forth.

you need to begin spinning the iron to offer it the effect more or less beneath the ear.

in case you need it to last longer, follow lacquer, if it does not paintings try to observe it with the face down to offer it extra volume because the hours pass by the extent is going down.


the faces with short cuts substantially benefit this kind of face and are also in the fashion of 2016 and 2017 that makes use of faces with little makeup.


i’m hoping it serves you, now i’m going to teach you different hints for exceptional easy and easy hairstyles that served me a lot for parties that may be from a marriage for the bride as for if you are invited or nicely for birthday

again take into account that a rounded face is a face that has no angles, which additionally has a rounded chin and the length of the face is short.

continually look for hairstyles to hide the roundness for that you have to go away mild tufts at the cheeks.

try to wear hair with quantity on the top of the top, this gives the feeling that you have the face less round and extend it.

continually do that you could a terrific step within the hair to lengthen the capabilities.

if it is your case that you curl your hair try and be a wavy curl.

in no way go away the curls very defined or you may increase the face.

in my case i have long hair now, if it is your identical case then make a slightly bangs reduce asymmetrically.

continually recollect to present yourself a little quantity on the sides of your head so that the face seems higher and if you put on a mane it will constantly prefer you to put on it smoothly.