Depression Quotes About Life

When will those people appear that make you laugh while you cry?



When I say that I’m always right, my soul is actually screaming and begging you to prove otherwise, I hate being right.


“Why do I get so depressed?”
“Because you want to climb the stairs, starting at the top step.”



Sometimes we look at the infinite, trying to look in the future for a hope that everything will change that the hurts will pass, and the depression will not return.



Sometimes it is necessary to smile even if your soul is drunk with sadness and drenched with tears to the point of spilling infinite oceans of discouragement – Depressing Quotes



– She killed herself … –
What do you mean? Until this morning she was doing so well.
“Suicides always carry a nice smile on their faces.



Last hour
A priest
A pastor
A father of a saint
A medium,
A Buddhist
A teacher
A philosopher
An actor
A singer
All the forces in clamor
I do not know what I will find
On the other side I do not know
But that is one More
One More love for favor.



Maybe time is not the best medicine, that pain will never happen …
Maybe there is no way, your only way out is to be strong …
Maybe you give up, and for this reason you will never be happy.



The only thing that a man can take to suffering is his own desires.
If you do not expect anything, you do not get bored.



Do not value the shadows, do not give your time to sorrow, ignore it!
It’s like a prison whose keys are in our hands. And outside of it we can see that it exists and seek happiness.



Often death suits more than life.



“Of some people we must always expect the worst … If something good comes, it is profit, but if something bad comes … Well, you already expected it.”



Sensitive people find it harder to feel contented because when they do not suffer their pain, they suffer the pains of others.



Mourning, often, is not for someone who dies, but for someone who takes us or we have to get out of our life.



The worst of having lived better times of today is that memories take the place of dreams and drown us in a sea of ​​sadness.



I ask, who has not yet been disappointed? No one goes through life without this moment, if yours is not yet ready, he will come.



Having trouble is no longer a problem; Problem is to have problem without finding the ideal solution.



May the heavens accompany us. May the water fill us. May the air allow us to breathe. Let the atoms renew us. May a new sun always be born. May the hope never end. May perseverance live, and above all, that our love may never be finite.



The issue is not maturation. Give a woman in her thirties the beauty she had at eighteen, and see if she does not come out again with assholes.


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