How Much Does It Cost to Have Your Car Keys Duplicated in Fort Worth?

How much does it cost to have your car keys duplicated by a Fort Worth key cutting service? The answer to that is, it depends. There are a number of factors that determine the cost of car key duplication in Fort Worth. But first, do you need duplicate car keys?


Yes, you probably do – a duplicate car key can be very useful indeed if you find yourself stuck in a car lockout situation, for obvious reasons. Of course, if you don’t have a spare key in your purse or pocket when you’re locked out in the middle of nowhere, then you will need to call an automotive locksmith in Fort Worth.


But if you’re at home, and were to lose your car keys or got yourself locked out of the car, then having a spare key close by would save you a lot of trouble. So how much does an Fort Worth locksmith company that offers a key cutting service charge for a duplicate key? Let’s see.


First, having your car key duplicated by an Fort Worth locksmith will cost you more than getting it done at a nearby hardware store. Hardware store employees will not have the same training or expertise as a car locksmith in Fort Worth and they may not do a perfect job.


All they really do is to search from a bunch of key blanks that are available at the store and see if they have one that matches your car key. The locksmith on the other hand would make use of advanced technologies such as a laser key cutting service to cut a new set of keys for you


The type of the car key or the model of the car is another important consideration to be made. The locksmith will have detailed information on your specific car key, which someone from a hardware store wouldn’t have access to. Keys belonging to modern day cars or luxury cars will have additional features that the traditional car keys won’t have.


Now, what’s the type of the duplication machine used? Find out if the key cutting service in Fort Worth makes use of laser key cutting, which allows them to cut the keys with a higher degree of precision and in less time compared to traditional methods.


So keeping these factors in mind, let’s find out how much the car key duplication costs, if you were to get it done by an experienced locksmith in Fort Worth that provides a key cutting service.


The cost of cutting a basic key varies from $1.50 to $4. The cost of duplicating a more sophisticated car key, such as one with a transponder chip will be around $120, more or less. In addition, the cost of transponder key programming will be between $30 and $75. Getting a transponder key duplicated in a dealership would cost you much more.
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